5 Creative And Easy Methods To Get on the First Page of Google With No Website.

Getting on the first page of Google can be hard, But in this guide I Will share some lesser utilized methods and tricks to get on the first page of Google fast and easily without even a blog.

Let’s get started

1. Youtube.

Most search results often have a video section which means you can get on page one of Google with no website but with a video. You can target keywords that are tutorial-style videos, demo videos, and explainer videos that teach something.

Google always wants to keep on Google itself to show them as many ads as possible. So if your video answers the query the user inputs in the search result you are in for a great flood of free viewers.

Don’t believe me yet here is an example of my video that ranks on Google for a competitive search phrase.

ranking a youtube video on google
ranking a youtube video on google

Here are some easy ways you can implement this for yourself.

  • Always optimize for Google as well rather than Youtube only. Add some keywords that are searchable on Google in your title and description.
  • Add timestamps to your video descriptions. Once I realized this, I started adding timestamps to all my videos. Google ranks Videos with timestamps easily on Google.
  • Embed your videos on your websites so that the Googlebot can discover them easily. If you have no website you can use other free blogging platforms that rank well on Google for this.

With Youtube, you don’t even need to have a website you can do this for any time of niche, any business category, hobbies, and even gaming videos.

To make even youtube easier for you, you only need a screen recorder, a laptop, and a mobile phone.

The purpose of the mobile phone is to record your audio, and the screen recorder records the actions on your screen. Merge them into one and make a video. How hard can that be?

To be honest, the moment I started a blog and a youtube channel, I saw that Youtube is better than a Website because it's easy to get views and the traffic sources on Youtube are not limited to only search like a blog on Google.

This means if you nail your title, description and add similar tags as some of the top 2 ranking videos then brace yourself for some recommended traffic.

Nailing that thumbnail is important, I always try to get my CTR on Youtube to 7% and above. Making it clickbaity is no good if you don’t deliver what you promised!

Target keywords that are visual, This means these keywords with an intention of listening to sound, watching a video, or seeing how a particular topic, software, app, or setting is used.

2. Pinterest.

Pinterest according to Ahrefs has a Domain Rating (DR) of 97. Think about it, You can get on page one with ease. Not always but if you follow this blueprint you should make it there soon.

I managed to explain this very concept in a video, that shows you exactly how to rank your Pinterest pins and boards or use the power of trends to rank

Here is exactly how to rank on Google using Pinterest.

  • Follow trends. Trends are easy ways to get on search engines and it makes you even more relevant if you are the first one to ride the wave.
  • Optimize your Pin Titles, and descriptions like you would do for a normal WordPress website. Meaning add searchable keywords like those users type in Google in the Title and a proper description of each pin you create.
  • Join group boards that rank on Google. This is the best way to get fast rankings traffic and rankings from Google without any hard effort. How do you find these group boards simple you can make a search for any keyword and see if Pinterest boards show up.

Instructions to join such boards can be seen in the about section of the board, if they are none try another keyword and keep going.

  • Optimize for visual searches. These are searches made by users on Google and the intention behind them is to see images or see a video. This means you can target search keywords and get on the first page easily.

With Pinterest, you have no limit to what you can create. You only need a link to your store, website if you have one and a pin that is keyword rich. It’s that easy.

3. Reddit.

Similar to Pinterest, you have no limit to what you can create on Reddit. You can share videos, links, and images as well.

with Reddit, you can use your personal Profile as a first-page ranking tool. Reddit allows you to share your videos, images, links, and text that can be seen by your followers and are rankable in search engines

If you do a good job and find a keyword with low competition, then it's great news for you.

Here is how to make it to Google page one results using Reddit

  • Write an article using your profile and add your target keywords in your title and the intro paragraph of your article.
  • Share your article in a relevant subreddit for more engagement.
  • Ensure you add links to your products, website, or even resource pages.
  • Write 1500+ words and write for a reader just like you are reading this now.

Reddit questions as well also show up in Google so it is another way you can get there easily by just asking a question and answering it in your article.

4. Quora.

What some smart marketers do is ask questions using one account and answer these questions using the other account. This can really be effective if you write a good answer and add an answer target in the first paragraph to win a featured snippet.

With Quora, there is no need for a website as you can use it to promote your services, products, and money pages. This is what makes the site even more powerful.

You can add links to your answers. This is the best way to start if you have a business or offering your service on sites like Fiverr.


5. Google sites.

This means find a Keyword and make better content than what already exists on page one. This is the only secret to ranking at the moment you are better than the competition you have won.

Here is how to rank your Google sites on Google:

  • Add your target keyword in the title.
  • Add your target keyword in the first paragraph of your article.
  • Add images and videos to your content.
  • Use bulleted points to make your content look presentable.
  • Add your target keyword in 1–2 headlines if it makes sense. If it doesn’t then try variations.
  • Add variations of the keyword in the entire article.
  • Add the target keyword in the conclusion alongside some variations.
  • Ensure your article is at least 1000 words, at the minimum. 1500+ words are highly recommended.

Here is a video that will teach you exactly how to do keyword research with no keyword tools. Enjoy.

Final Quote.

With these sites, Keyword Difficulty is no issue, Quality of content is the most important thing, Backlinks are not important because if your content is quality, then it will naturally attract backlinks.

This is how to build profitable blogs if you opt to start one. Good luck!

I am a blogger, youtube creator and business creator. Love sharing my knowledge and skills, connect with me Joshlamech.com